Nathan Drezner
Montréal, QC

As an undergraduate at McGill, I was involved in several research projects.


From Fall 2018 to Spring 2020, I headed a research project studying the salient patterns of language and behaviour on Wikipedia. This project evolved over time from a language-driven study of argument on Wikipedia to a network analysis-driven study of user behaviour.

The project was overseen by Profs. Andrew Piper and Richard Jean So as part of the .txtLab at McGill, and in Summer 2018 I was granted an Arts Research Internship Award (ARIA) for my work on the project.

A paper, "Everyday Specialization: The coherence of editorial communities on Wikipedia", was published in September 2020. More general information on the project is available in my blog post on the subject.

Computational Linguistics

Through the McGill Computational & Quantitative Linguistics Lab, I was part of a research project studying productivity in language. The project involved reconstructing a qualitative model of productivity in an algorithmic representation to test its validity based on real-world productive patterns. More generally, the MCQLL studies fundamental questions about language acquisition, processing, use in society, and change over time.